Yo Dude! THARP for Dudebox


I was asked a while back to take part in the launch of the new Dudebox line of toys. They launched yesterday and from the looks of the pics was pretty awesome!  It was a fun project and the “Dude” is a great toy to customize.  The hard part was not telling anyone about it for so long.   It is a large toy with a lot of space and can be pretty much anything.  I like that there was plenty of room to make multiple characters and still maintain a overall main character.  The little ears at the top are a little extra fun piece for me.  My favorite part of this one is the face.  I tried a little reverse on the eyes I like the results.
I also filmed the process of painting this and will post it soon as well.   Next custom coming up is for They Came From the Streets 2! Booyah!

Kid Robot Munny “Dunny” ears Accessory

Hand painted accessory from the Kid Robot Munny series.  These are the Dunny ears.  Serves as a fun hat for your other Munnys or sits well on a shelf.  Doodle pattern in the inside.  Fun bright colors. :)

These are available for purchase in my SHOP

Tharpedoes • SERIES 1

Hand painted original Series 1 • Tharpedoes.

What are Tharpedoes? Tharpedoes are small limit pieces I will deploy from time to time.  Think of Tharpedoes as small smile bombs. They are original series of doodle and handpainted goodies.  The amount per series will vary.

Series 1: Features 6 pieces. Each Tharpedo in Series 1 is a 2″x2″ wooden block with 2″ wooden ball on top.  The top features a two sided character and a continuous doodle around entire block.  Each Tharpedo is unique on it’s own and sits well with the group.

Signed both in the artwork and on the bottom.

These are available for purchase in my SHOP

Kid Robot Mini Kracka

Things have been a bit hectic so to unwind I like to paint.  This is the first time painting the mini Kracka.  Fun character and a good challenge to doodle on.


First Labbit I’ve done.   Was a great project with A LOT of space!! The nice thing about this was the owner let me do what ever. Once colors were picked it was fun filling up the space with characters. My favorite part to do was the ears.  I love how they turned out.  Cool to see the multi-character style translate to a larger piece.  Look forward to doing more projects like this.


What do you do when someone wants you to paint a valve cover?  First you ask “What is a valve cover!?” Then you check it out and say “What the Hell, sounds like fun!” Sir Bentley (named after the owner) is  the “fashion” valve cover for what is sure to be a pretty bad ass Honda race car.  It will serve as a ornament to show off the engine after the race.  What made this project a lot of fun was in both doing something new and I’m pretty sure there won’t be many valve covers like this.

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